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What is Cloud Computing and How Sap Cloud for Customer helps?

Cloud computing is everywhere and it is used widely in almost all industries. It has evolved and become popular rapidly and it is also considered that age of local storage is no more and it is the time of Cloud. It simply means that accessing and storing programs and date over internet instead of your desktop or hard drive. Cloud computing is like a metaphor for internet users.

Cloud computing can be used in various different scenarios where computing resources are delivered as service over internet. It can also be defined as the type of computing that rely on sharing pool of virtual or physical resources rather than deploying local/personal software or hardware. It does not require any user to be in that particular location to gain its access.

Cloud computing is not about your hard drive or any hardware. When you store data to your hard drive then it is called local computing. There are lots of advantages of cloud computing such as flexibility, cost efficient, almost unlimited storage, backup and recovery, automatic software integration, easy access to information and scalability. There are some common examples of cloud computing that include Email, Google Drive, Apple iCloud and many more.

Have you heard the term  SAP Cloud Computing or Sap Cloud for Customer? If you are wondering what is the significance of this software solution from SAP, then in this guide, you will learn a lot about this software solution. This solution is designed by the SAP to help its clients and boosts their sales effectiveness with the help of SAP Cloud for sales. SAP cloud respond better to customer requests and engage with them using social media channels with the help of SAP cloud for social engagement.

Available SAP cloud for customer includes:

  • SAP cloud for sales
  • SAP cloud for Social Engagement
  • SAP cloud for services

This is a full featured CRM solution that help customers and allow them use these features for their business and future growth.

Design Principles of SAP cloud for customers include:

  • Engaging
  • Connected
  • Insightful
  • Cost effective


SAP’s strategy or SAP on Cloud offers three types of cloud services include public cloud, private cloud and a marketplace. Public cloud applications are used to support customers, human resources, finances, sales management as ERP in cloud. Private cloud is to manage cloud offering such as HANA Enterprise Cloud. A marketplace is to extend customers and its partners.


The SAP HANA Cloud Platform

This is a full featured sap ides remote access platform that is designed for fulfilling increasing networked world like social, mobile and data driven world. SAP HANA generally offers runtime and development environment for cloud applications.

Developers can quickly build impactful, highly scalable applications leveraging the massive speed and scale of SAP HANA. It permits developers to concentrate on software development and use enterprise-ready environment in SAP cloud. This is a pre installed application that helps to deploy and run application in reliable and secure way. SAP HANA also offers built-in application lifecycle management that help user to update application without any downtime.


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