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3 steps to a business case for SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA has come with full of features to help businesses to become more competitive. It is the next generation of SAP IDES ERP product from SAP. It has new real time, user interface, new analytical capabilities, innovative functionalities across lines of businesses. You should know which feature can be helpful and best for your business. Some users may find it difficult to decide, so we have discusses some important things to find out the benefits and features that are good and relevant to your organisations. It helps business owners create a business case for thus product named SAP S/4HANA.

  1. Business Scenario Recommendations tool for SAP

This is the first step to take to start for identifying useful functionalities in this new product. It produces a report from SAP for free. This report would show the most relevant and highly beneficial feature and functionality for your business based on your recent SAP system Usage. You have to visit its website in order to create that particular report. You will get a simple form to fill with basic details on that website. You can upload it to your SAP system after completing it. You will get final report back within 5 days. This report would be very useful for you and helps you decide which functionality is relevant to your organization. This report ranks recommendations of relevant features in order. You can use this report in order to determine the important functionalities.

You can get most of from this Business Scenario Recommendations tool by following some more important tips. You should send 3 months of ST03N data, including quarter end. The more data you enter the more relevant report you will get. You should send this report to functional consultant for review. You can run a workshop with functional department to go through this report and new functionality in your        business organization’s terms. You should try to understand how this functionality can prove beneficial for your organization and how it helps to beat your competitive;

  1. SAP Fiori

This new product has the new user interface named FIORI. It runs in a web browser and offers same experience to user application. It helps improve user satisfaction and it is also helpful in reducing training costs. This is designed for efficiency. It can perform same operation more quickly than other SAP GUI. It is very easy to implement and use FIORI.

  1. Embedded Analytics

This product also includes Embedded Analytics. It helps you analyse your real time SAP cloud ERP data without external data warehousing. You can get this detailed report with the help of this feature to get report on live data any time. You need not to wait for data loading to data warehouse.

This is all about some important things to find out the benefits and relevant features of SAP S/4HANA that are good and relevant to your organisations. For more information on SAP remote access, SAP remote server and SAP ides online access, visit

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