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Kick-start a Yogic Lifestyle with a Detox

Yoga Teacher Training: Detox for Body and Mind

While undergoing teacher training for yoga in Nicaragua, your body and mind will be naturally detoxed. With the practice of yoga, you will not only learn to release all your stress, but you will be staying in a clean environment which is rich with prana, life force energy. The sun and salty air from its Pacific Ocean proximity will energize your immune system and refresh your body with pure positive energy. We get to be at one with nature, in harmony. Going to bed early and rising with the sun is a very rejuvenating ability that we tend to lose living in a city.

During the training, we live on a healthy diet, one which is free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, white sugar and bad fats, all of which fundamentally change the chemistry within your body. Not only will you begin to feel great, but your skin will take on a new fresh appearance, and your eyes will look brighter.

The yoga teacher training course is lengthy and intensive, but it is the perfect time to begin your new lifestyle, your healthy lifestyle. It shouldn’t just start when you are practicing your daily yoga on the mat, but in your sleeping and eating habits too.

Yoga = The ideal holistic health care system

Learn more about how you can help your body during detoxification.

Continue reading our article and get inspired! Change your lifestyle, and become the new you!

The increasing popularity of detox practices

What is the purpose of detox? It supports our organs which work in the elimination of waste, enabling the metabolism and excretion of toxins.

Naturally, on a day-to-day basis, humans and animals detox. The toxins are eliminated from our bodies, from the food we eat, and the polluted environment we live in. Organs of the body, namely the kidneys, lungs, liver, bowel and skin, work together in harmony to protect us and eliminate everything that our bodies do not need.

With that in mind, if we can cleanse our bodies ourselves, why are detox practices still hugely popular these days? Even though it may appear we have a seamlessly designed body, it can use a helping hand occasionally, so, by detoxing, we are doing just that.

How do you know when you need a detox?

The general concept for detoxing is connected to consuming alcohol and eating junk food. However, it is not just for those who have been eating the wrong food and drinking, everyone should detoxify. Many of the foods we eat contain preservatives and artificial flavoring and ingredients to sustain long shelf life in the supermarkets. Perfume and aftershave contain toxins. Maybe you live in a busy city where the air is polluted?

So, the truth of the matter is that unless you live high up in the mountains and grow/eat organic vegetables, you are going to be exposed to many toxins.

Nonetheless, some experts have said that there are common signs which show that we need to detox, and perhaps even our bodies give us some signs when it is time to take extra care of ourselves. These could be:

  • Tiredness or lack of energy
  • Head feeling foggy
  • Mood swings
  • Uneasiness
  • Constipation
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Infrequent or low quality sleep
  • Aching muscles and joints
  • Long-lasting diseases

If you can relate to any of the items on the above list, then you might want to start thinking about giving your detox organs a helping hand.

Different types of detox

There are several options for detoxing, but many of them seem to lean towards the idea that good sleeping habits, being active and eating a healthy diet are the key. In fact, some experts have recommended that by cutting out red meat, dairy products, wheat, and not drinking alcohol is a good way to begin detoxing. In their place, eating a lot of vegetables and organic fruit, and drinking as much water as you can is more advantageous.

Certain food types can help your system in the detox process, such as eating raw food for seven days, and brown rice for ten days. However, although these items are a good way to cleanse your system and give it a well-earned rest, they do not deal with the deeper sections of the body, the ones which desperately need detoxing. With that said, there are a few programs which can provide some great results. They are not a quick fix, and most take three weeks or longer to complete. Set out below are just a few of the programs available:

  • Anti-parasite Cleanse
  • Obesogenic Detox
  • Candida Diet
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Detox Acupuncture
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Sugar Detox
  • Panchakarma
  • Heavy Metal Detox


Yoga Teacher Training: Benefits of Detoxing

Although you might have your mind set that you are going to detox, you might face a couple of problems. Firstly, being in the wrong atmosphere or environment will not help you to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle. Secondly, not having a specialist to guide you through the process. But, do not worry, because there is a solution for both with yoga teacher training and a suitable environment.

You could find that the yoga teacher training program changes your life. Not just because you believe you can eliminate toxins from your body and then start your self-practice for yoga, but purely and simply because it is the perfect way to jump-start your yoga lifestyle. When you undertake a yoga teacher training, you are given the right tools to help you detox. You are provided with a special diet and routine which you must follow, which means all you need to think about is taking the food and drink that is offered to you, you don’t have to prepare it yourself.

The relaxed setting and atmosphere of a yoga teacher training will help you reduce your stress, thereby providing your body with a greater number of micronutrients. The day-to-day stress triggers will disappear, and you will create better lifestyle habits during your training. Being outdoors, meditation and yoga, are the type of activities which use the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation. Our bodies will hang onto fat if we are stressed, but when we are more relaxed, our bodies can function better.

Lastly, one of the most significant advantages to detoxing when on a yoga teacher training program, is the readily available support. Detoxing necessitates discipline, and hence the reason why it is more feasible to receive professional assistance from a supervised retreat. You will find it easier to stay focused, and gain the most from the program if you remove yourself from your usual family eating habits, and of course your fridge!

What happens after detoxing

Detox programs are not a magic pill! Let’s make it clear from the outset, commitment is the key. It is about taking the information you have gained from the program and applying it to your life. It is important to remain disciplined, continuing with the habits you cultivated while in the program. By doing so, you will be on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Reverting to your old habits will only make all the exertion and time you put into detoxifying seem pointless. Many people who want to lose weight, start dieting but are soon back to their previous eating habits before too long.

Even for this reason alone, the key is to enjoy the detox process, appreciate that you are wiping the slate that you hold in the palms of your hands, clean. By just thinking this way, the path to your new lifestyle will fun, and not a burden you have to carry. Connect with and stay in-tune with your body. There will be times when you crave something sweet, or you long to tuck into a piece of meat, so balancing and enjoying yourself and appreciating your food is important. Don’t feel guilty, but be grateful that you are following a strict type of diet. Eating and food are meant to be fun, so by learning how certain foods affect you when practicing your yoga, the more likely you are to make good decisions and food choices. It is important that the food you eat provides you with the right amount of energy you need for a healthier, happier life.


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