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Buy Alluring and Attractive Hand Bags from Very

Handbag is the first love of every stylish woman. She wants to carry style in her hand and grace in her personality, so she looks for amazing and attractively designed hand bags.  Earlier handbags are used to carry essentials. These bags were available only in simple pouches form. Now it has developed into sophisticated fashion accessory that is available in various sizes and shapes. Nowadays there are so many varieties and styles are available in Handbag.  These different styles include Satchel, Bucket, Clutch, Tote, Backpack, Baguette, Hobo, Athletic and much more. These bags are available in various different materials including leather, suede, plastic and much more. You can find a wide range of handbags on This can be the one stop solution of all your bags needs. Some women get confused when it comes to select bag for a specific occasion.  Here in this guide, we have mentioned some handbag styles and their uses.

The Satchel Bag:

This large sized sturdy handbag come with a main pocket covered by flap, wide flat bottom, 2 handles, zippers, shoulder strap and clips for sealing pockets. This bag can be useful for both men and women. It is used to carry large sized items like laptop, files, books and much more. Those people who go to office or school/college, they can use it.

The Bucket Bag:

This roomy and spacious bag is used by women to carry various items like cell phones, make up, shoes and various larger items. Very promo code can help you get the attractive bucket bags at cost effective price.

The Clutch Bag:

This is a smallest type bag comes in rectangular shape with zippers or buckles. This is used to carry small belongings like money, credit or debit cards, cell phone and much more. You can use Very discount codes available on accessories and various items.

The Tote Bag:

These rectangular or square shaped bags are quite larger than other bags.  They come with 2 shoulder straps, an open top and a wide bottom. It is also known as shopper as this is generally used by women at the time of shopping. This bag has large capacity to store many things. You can buy this bag at affordable price by using Very discount code.

The Backpack:

Backpack is the most popular types of bags that come with 2 shoulder straps and rectangular in shapes. This large sized bag comes with many pockets and zippers. It can be worn on back. It is really very easy to carry these bags over the shoulder. This is used to carry heavy items like laptop, heavy books, clothing and much more.


The list above is not complete, there are so many types of handbags are available on Very. If you really want to carry style in your hand, you can explore the handbag and other accessories collection on Very. You can use Very promo codes available at to get various electronic, fashion accessories and other items at cost effective price.


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