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10 Top Reason for a Yoga Teacher Training In Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country with a poet’s heart, with its lakes and volcanoes, mountains, rainforest, plains, and oceans. It is a beautiful yet sometimes wild and misunderstood paradise. One for adventure seekers of every kind. It is Central America’s diamond in the rough.

Teaching yoga anywhere in the world will change your life for the better, but Ashtanga Yoga  will convert your soul. The place and its population will welcome you with open arms like an old friend, even if you have not been there before.


Although not always at the top of the list for visitors, because of its substantial history, it is now said to be one of the safest Central American destinations. With its abounding natural beauty and friendly Nica people, the once negative perception of this country has turned positive, as can be seen from the write-ups in magazines and the articles, to include the New York Times. For those who have ventured to Nicaragua, you will hear them say they are changed for the better.


The following (in no order of preference) are just ten of the reasons why you should visit Nicaragua for a yoga teacher training retreat.

1. Stunning Landscapes

There are still many active volcanoes that have their own ecosystem and huge lakes. The largest of them is Lake Nicaragua, at 160km long — there are even bull sharks in residence! Lagoons, cloud forests and a plethora of animal and plant species prevail and it has 7% of the world’s bio-diversity. Nicaragua is also the second biggest rain forest, across the American continent. Being so close to nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city streets, will clear your mind in readiness for your yoga teacher training program and transport you to a higher level of learning, listening, seeing and being.

2. Climate

What is there to say about Nicaragua’s climate? It is nothing but perfection! Nicaragua has a tropical climate, so it makes no difference whether you visit Summer (verano) or Winter (invierno). During the winter time, you will see rain on the Pacific Coast, despite it being known as the ‘rain season’ the sun is out most days. Throughout the dry season (January – June), all you will see is blue skies and sunshine. There are different  temperature zones in Nicaragua, on the Pacific low land temperature varies from 22 C to 30 C and in the mountains temperature are in general about 10 C lower.

3. Its Proximation

Nicaragua is situated in the heart of Central America, between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, which makes it simple to get to for the remainder of the US continent. Its capital, Managua is located within a short flying distance (approximately 2.5 hours) of Miami and Houston. There is also easy access from the south via Costa Rica and Panama.

4. Its Food

Nicaragua has some delicious, traditional cuisine, and an abundance of vegetables and fresh tropical fruits. Along the coasts, you can be assured of the freshest fish you will have ever eaten, prepared in a simple way, and yet, delicious. A good number of the farmers avoid using pesticides on their farms, which means their produce is free from harmful toxins. And their coffee? Well, you’ve probably tried it yourself, so wouldn’t you agree it’s the best in the world?

5. History

There are many cities in Nicaragua which assert some outstanding colonial architecture two worth mentioning are Granada and Léon.
Léon has its stunning murals and artwork across nearly every building, and was known as the city of the rebels. Granada, found by Hernendez de Cardoba in 1524, was the Americas first European city and has many wonderful colonial buildings.

6. Surfing

There are literally miles of untouched Pacific coastline, which makes it a surfer’s paradise. There are plenty of places that have not been discovered still left to explore. No matter where you may go, even for those who have never been, there is still someone ready and willing to teach you how to surf your first wave. After that, your perfect experience will soon become one of habit.

Many of the yoga retreats in Nicaragua teach surfing and will give you inside information about the beaches that are a ‘must see’.

7. The People

Throughout Nicaragua, there are not many five-star hotel, or all-inclusive holidays, unlike many of their neighboring countries. The Nicaraguans themselves manage the hotels and tourist activities. They came, saw and fell in love with the place, so they stayed. So, when you visit, you get more than just the price of a room, you have a wonderful community of people who are delighted to assist you so you enjoy your stay, but also want to show off their beautiful country. The Nicas know how to cherish everything because they live in the moment, which is good considering the country has always had it tough.

8. No Worries!

There is no question about it, that throughout Latin America Nicaragua is one of the safest places. Despite it being a safe place, when traveling you should always take the same precautions as you would if you were traveling anywhere else in the word.

9. Poetic Place

A lasting impression has been left on the Nicaraguan’s in the form of modern poetry and literature. Rubén Darío, a national poet, is well-known for being the originator of modernism, now buried in Léon in their Cathedral. Ernesto Cardenal is another world-famous Nicaraguan, but not forgetting Alfonso Cortez, who was a priest and culture minister who wrote his poems while chained to the iron bars at his bedroom window, as he suffered delirium.

10. You

Many people are drawn to Nicaragua because it is such an interesting place to visit. Those who are looking for something a little different, off the beaten track, choose it. People, like you, are searching for adventures, life-changing experiences which will enrich their lives. Grab this chance and choose Nicaragua as your yoga teacher training retreat destination. Visualize yourself being here!

We welcome you to check out our next available yoga teacher training Nicaragua here.


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